This poetic project came to be about experimenting with chemistry and physics to find alternate markers for the passing of time. Time – fleeting as fluid, evaporating and intangible as gas or ever changing as liquid metal. For the exhibition The New Map about a true meeting between professionals. Vaporware is a collaboration with chemistry glass maker Csaba Humenyik and chemist Jonas Friberg.

Material Borosilicate Glass, Water, Bromide and Gallium
Dimensions Ø 150 mm x H 230 mm
Production Produced in collaboration with Chemistry Glassmaker Csaba Humenyik  and Chemist Jonas Friberg. Exhibition pieces, not for sale

Exhibitions Den Nya Kartan, curator Jenny Nordberg, Form Design Center, Malmö 2015 – Swedish National Museum Stockholm, 2016 – and Vandalorum Värnamo, 2016