Kristian Andréason and Kristin Leibel are the creative minds behind this design practice founded in the early 2000s in southern Sweden. Both hold a Masters degrees in Industrial Design and have backgrounds in Graphic Design and Architecture respectively. With an interdisciplinary approach to design, sculptural design and art, they produce material driven unique and limited edition pieces, that blur the lines between design and fine art.

Their design ethos is rooted in innovative working methods, driven by the power of juxtapositions resulting in a distinctive design identity. Exploring materials and the dichotomy between fast and slow design, ancient and modern production techniques, they cultivate a controlled working process but not without embracing chance. Their ID often described as creative, brutal, minimalistic and impactful.

Andréason & Leibels work has been exhibited in Milan, Eindhoven, London, Paris, Stockholm and Tokyo and featured in major design magazines and platforms. Their latest show, "In Situ" debuted in the spring of 2022 in their hometown of Malmö. With the exhibition theme heritage, memory and the dialogue of the old and new they displayed a range of stucco furniture shown alongside rare design pieces by Isamu Noguchi, Charlotte Perriand, Georges Jouve, and Jean Prouvé - highlighting the unique and inspiring qualities of their work.